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Bsa class i health form
Bsa class i health form

Bsa class i health form

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PERSONAL HEALTH AND MEDICAL RECORD FORM –. Class 3. I. IDENTIFICATION I give my permission for full participation in BSA programs, subject to In addition, a recent Health History/Medical Summary (pages 2 and 3) must be Adults should complete BSA Class 3 form # 34412 which requires an annual. Your BSA local council service center can advise you about the the health history [Class I] for all participants in a camping experience lasting longer than 72 THIS FORM IS NOT INTENDED TO BE USED BY ADULTS OVER 40, BY HIGH Completing the Annual Health and Medical Record is the first step in making sure you have a great Scouting experience. So what do you need? We need the information requested in this form for your safety and the safety of the Scouts Northern Star Council/ BSA and the State of Wisconsin require that:. I give permission for full participation in BSA programs, subject to limitations noted herein. In case of CLASS 1 PERSONAL HEALTH AND MEDICAL HISTORY.Mar 3, 2014 - Deciding which version of the BSA's Annual Health and Medical And starting today, you're getting a streamlined version of the BSA health forms and an .. License & a BSA Medical each year and a FAA 3rd. class Medical authorized to disclose protected health information to the adult in charge, camp I further authorize the sharing of the information on this form with any BSA Mar 3, 2014 - The physician's signature must be on the BSA form to be valid. to be the individuals who may perform physical exams for the new health form. This form is filled out by all participants and is on file for easy reference. CLASS 1 PERSONAL HEALTH AND MEDICAL HISTORY. (Annually by all participants).

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